Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been super busy with college and alike- but that’s no excuse and I apologise profusely.

On the plus side I have been checking out some of the latest releases from both cinema and music alike. Most notably comes ‘Kick-Ass’ the comic turned film about geeky nobody Dave Lizewski and his journey through the hilarious and gritty New York vigilante system.

Many people might think that comics and superheroes are for kids, forget those people because they are flat-out wrong. This film is all about the extremes, there isn’t one second of this film that isn’t awesome and this is due to the blend of awkward teen angst, buddy comedy laughs, insane action sequences (complete with gratuitous amounts of blood/being shot or stabbed) and obscenities out of a little girl’s mouth. 

Dave is a typical loser kid, few friends and ‘invisible to girls’ but that all changes when he decides he’s fed up of being mugged and ignored. He buys a wet suit online and get his ass handed to him by 2 thugs and shortly after getting stabbed gets hit by a car- this is when Kick-Ass is truly born. His severed nerve endings and metal plated bone selection allow him to take a beating fending off some proper baddies while numerous by-standers record the action, turning Kick-Ass into an internet sensation. This act of heroism not only raises the attention of the criminal underworld but also that of some truly ‘hard-as-nails’ vigilantes.

For the Daily Mail readers among us, this probably isn’t one for you, the first time we are introduced to the true star of the movie, Hit Girl, played brilliantly by Chloe Moretz, she is being shot in the chest by her father. This deranged father/daughter relationship is a great contributer to the film’s pace and storyline.

Matthew Vaugn, responsible for the cult great, Layer Cake and fantasy favourite, Stardust, is behind he lens calling the shots and a round of applause to him. This hilarious and action-packed adventure of justice, revenge and romance is masterfully shot and put together. The soundtrack is no less than perfect and the approach taken to editing combines the tradition comic book with a modern and sleek style.

Whatever jollies you’re after this Easter, ‘Kick-Ass’ has the capacity to give them to you. One of the best comic book/ superhero films ever has emerged and he doesn’t even have any powers. This is not to be missed.

Would I see it again? “You bet your ass I would!” *****