Adventureland was a film I was really looking forward to last year but I never got round to seeing it, but this week I downloaded it on the cheap and I liked what I saw yet wasn’t that upset that its big-screen outing had passed me by. 

I was expecting a lot of laughs about sex, cocks and drugs but the comedy in the film is far more subtle (generally speaking) than that of the majority of teen funnies. However this is not a bad thing, it is just not quite what you might expect. The story tends to focus more on the love story between protagonist James Brennan and pretty face Em Lewin. Jesse Eisenberg as James is a great casting choice, he plays the role with complete teenage awkwardness and his manner is completely square- but it works and it makes for a more 3 dimensional character than many modern teen comedies boast. I think that the majority of men love to hate Kristen Stewart, purely because of The Twilight Saga, but I actually found myself enjoying seeing her on screen, she’s not always your favourite character but she captures the confused and angry teenager with ease and pulls it off far more convincingly than her vampire related efforts. 

The film isn’t hugely hilarious but it is enjoyable and this is often due to the cinematic shots and the progression of relationships and events. Adventureland is wonderfully shot and the scale of it often feels larger than it really is, which sometimes seems odd when its content is often intimate but it makes for a very watchable piece of film. 

Adventureland clocks up a 7/10, it would probably be a nice casual date movie: it has a handful of great moments and some laughs but isn’t too sure if it’s a comedy or not. Nevertheless it is worth watching, just keep in mind that if you’re in the DVD rental store and you’re looking for the funniest film on the shelf, chances are this isn’t it.

-Also just note the amount of drink-driving going on, personally, I don’t think it sets a very good example. Oh well.

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