This 9 minute music video has been causing quite the stir recently after it was uploaded to YouTube, banned, then reinstated with an age restriction and yet more people are calling for it to be removed altogether, probably from existence. But this Daily Mail fuss only made me want to find and watch it and I actually really liked it. Yes it is shocking and yes it is graphic and yes it would definitely be considered unsuitable for some audiences but it is also powerful and compelling. Set in a grimy and gaudy reality, it follows some horrifically abusive armed police as the track down and capture red heads; that’s right gingers are the enemy in this fantastically shot and directed short film. It should be classified as a short film rather than a music video, mainly because you are too busy watching the footage to take notice of the song (which isn’t really that good any way), I also think that the amount of controversy caused by the film would be considerably less if it wasn’t branded as a music video.

I think that it’s definitely worth checking out but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart.

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