Am i the only one who didn’t think Avatar was the most mega super awesome thing ever? I picked up the DVD yesterday and watched it last night. I had seen it in cinemas in 3D and it has to be said that it is a shining example of today’s technology in film. It works brilliantly in 3D, bringing the world from the screen all around you. It’s visuals are the creative works of inspired minds, it is a shame the same can’t be said about the narrative. Don’t get me wrong Avatar is a good film, but I think if it weren’t for James Cameron this visual experience would have struggled to acquire half of its Box Office success to date.

Think Pocahontas, if the Indians- sorry, Native Americans- were blue. Avatar’s¬†storyline is horribly unoriginal for the most part (any part that really accelerates the narrative). As I sat through the 155minutes blockbuster I realised I had forgotten 2 things since my cinema outing: one- the intense beauty, scope and visual delight the world of Pandora offers, two- the unoriginal cliche, cheese filled plot. They all love and cry about the tree and then it sends all the beasties to help in the fight- it would of been much more helpful if they went in first before everyone got killed. Jake Sully and team don’t really win the fight against the humans because about 90% of his team dies, nice one Dreamwalker. This film is a fantastic experience in 3D but has trouble keeping me glued to my seat with one dimension less.

Cameron and co. have done a fantastic job in creating a world that you marvel and could get lost in, yet the people with their typewriters really let the team down. You would have thought with $300million being spent they could have hired some good writers. Nevertheless Mr Cameron can sit back and revel in his title of ‘master of the universe’ because now the top 2 highest grossing film of all time have his name on them. Well done you.

3D- 8 1/2 ¬†out of 10

2D- 6 out of 10